A blazing fast Machine
Translation platform.
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Octopad is what you get if you distill years of technological advancements in the field of Machine Translation in one single drop of awesomeness. We bring cutting edge MT tools and access to A class translation experts through a user friendly, light as a breeze, platform.
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We choose the best machine translation technology for you

Access to a plethora of machine translation technologies and automatic selection of the best-performing engine based on language pair and content type. Octopad takes the assessment, selection, evaluation and technological setup of different machine translation providers off your shoulders.
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Extensive file format support to match everyone’s needs

Either simple text formats or complex markup files, we can take the challenge.
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Versatility for all types of professionals and organizations

Whether you are an individual requiring translations, or an enterprise with many employees, we have you covered.
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Security and Confidentiality

Any and all information you send for translation is processed only for the purposes of your translation request and your account data is secured on the Octonet. You get to reap the benefits of stock machine translation engines while maintaining your content private… We promise.
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Direct access to the best team of professional linguists

With Octopad, you also gain access to an awesome team of Professional Translators that are ready to help you with the most demanding tasks.
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Flexible financial model

We have character packages for everyone, depending on the size and complexity of your projects.
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